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Disco Party Classics

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 Lemon Curd Cupcakes     Ingredients: 170 g each of butter, sugar and self-raising flour Grated zest of a lemon lemon essence 3 eggs A splash of milk Method: Cream your butter and sugar until white and fluffy; Add your eggs one at a time; Slowly add the flour, sifting  as you go and giving […]

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream   Ingredients: 400g Cream 400g  condensed milk 170g Raspberries (or soft fruit of your choice) Optional – a shot of alcohol (vodka or a fruit flavour) A tablespoon of sugar Method: Cook your fruit in a small splash of water and sugar if using. Simmer until broken down and very soft. […]

Lemon Tart     Ingredients: 175g Plain Flour 100g butter 1 Heaped tablespoon sugar a little cold water Filling: 6 Eggs 6 lemons 160gr Castor Sugar Single or double cream Method: Tip all of the flour into a big bowl and add the cubed butter pieces. Using a knife, chop the butter into the flour […]

Victoria Coffee Sponge     Ingredients: 225g Butter 225g Margarine 225g Sugar (Ideally castor sugar) 4 Large Eggs 225g Self Raising Flour Flavouring: Heaped teaspoon instant coffee or Vanilla or Orange essence etc Icing: 200g Butter 400g Icing sugar Teaspoon instant coffee Method: A Victoria sponge is often made using the 1/1/1 method that is […]

Sticky Ginger Syrup Pudding   This pudding is quick and easy enough to be rustled up in minutes – sweet and sticky, it’s a real crowd pleaser,  and I’m going to show you two methods – a 45 minute method and  a 10 minute method. – whichever method you chose, the ingredients are the same […]

Mackerel Rillette   Ingredients : Peppered Mackerel fillets Cream Cheese Worcestershire Sauce Dill or Chives Horseradish Crostini (Slices of crusty bread oven baked with olive oil) Verrine ( Small glass for serving in ) Method : Take the peppered mackerel fillets put them in a food processor and  whizz with some cream cheese, dill or chives, […]

TOMATO, BASIL, BLACK OLIVE, FETA       This recipe is an ‘Amuse Bouche’ (Literally means amuse mouth) A pre-starter treat to bring out at drinks or before a meal. Adjust ingredient amounts to suit the number of people you are catering for. Ingredients : Cherry tomatoes Feta Cheese Black Olive tapenade Basil Crostini (slices […]

Courgette, Creamy Roquefort With Sichuan Pepper Topped With Pine Nuts   This recipe is an ‘Amuse Bouche’ (Literally means amuse mouth).  A pre-starter treat to bring out at drinks or before a meal. Makes 12 Verrines (Small glass for serving in ie shot glass or small wine glass) Ingredients : 2 Courgettes Olive oil Sichuan pepper 75g […]

Tarte Tatin.     Ingredients. 1 kilo and a half of apples. Choose an apple with a little bit of acidity as well as sweetness. 70g of butter 180g of castor sugar 6oz homemade or a block or roll of readymade, shop bought pastry Method. Cut the apples into quarters. Next, put into a large, […]

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie     Ingredients. 1kg Good starchy potatoes (like Yukon Gold or Russets) 2 large onions, sliced thinly Garlic, chopped (optional) 1 large carrot, diced 1 large red pepper, diced 1 heaped teaspoon of smoked paprika. 2 cups red lentils 1 small tin tomatoes ½ veggie stock cube Hot milk Butter Method. Put […]